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The People Who Make It All Happen

Our staff is made up of highly trained experts in the solar field. Our mission to provide the best experience and the best service in the industry. We take pride in the high professional standards of our employees, and are always looking to expand our team. If you believe you have what it takes, please get in touch.

Tiernan Blair-Mitchell Director of Servi

Tiernan Blair-Mitchell

Sales Director

Tiernan, as the Sales Director and founder of Evolve Energy, represents the heart and soul of the company since its inception. His journey with the company has been a rich tapestry of learning and development across various facets of the renewable energy industry.

From the nuts and bolts of ground-to-roof installation to the intricacies of client management and solar design, Tiernan's training has been comprehensive. This well-rounded knowledge forms the backbone of his role as the leader of project development from the client's perspective. Tiernan's responsibilities encompass orchestrating site assessments, crafting detailed site plans, and meticulously designing Solar PV Arrays. This role demands a profound understanding of both the technical and client-centric aspects of the business, areas where Tiernan excels.

Tiernan's pride in being a part of Evolve Energy is palpable. He is not just an integral part of the company; he is its founder. His passion for the company's mission and vision is unwavering. As Evolve Energy continues to flourish and make its mark in the renewable energy sector, Tiernan's leadership, expertise, and dedication will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in driving the company's growth and success. His journey from the company's inception to its current standing is a testament to his commitment and the company's potential for a bright future.

Athan Torresmalaga-Mitchell Director of


Operations Director

Athan, as the Operations Director of Evolve Energy and founder, plays a crucial role in ensuring the company's success and maintaining high standards in the renewable energy industry. His qualifications include training and certification from NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) and SIC (Solar Installation and Certification), which underscores his expertise in the field.

Athan is dedicated to setting and upholding the highest quality standards in renewable energy system design, whether for grid-connected systems or remote power solutions. This commitment to excellence ensures that Evolve Energy's projects are not only efficient but also reliable and sustainable.


His multifaceted role encompasses several key responsibilities:

  1. Procurement and Product Development: Athan oversees the procurement process, ensuring that the company sources the best materials and components for their projects. He is also involved in product development, staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the renewable energy sector.

  2. Installation Management: Managing the installation group is a critical aspect of Athan's role. This involves coordinating and supervising the installation teams to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

  3. Client-Centric Approach: Athan's focus on delivering innovative solutions for both commercial and residential clients is vital. His ability to tailor renewable energy solutions to meet the unique needs of each client is a key driver of customer satisfaction and the company's success.


Under Athan's leadership, Evolve Energy is well-positioned to continue its growth and make significant contributions to the renewable energy sector. His dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction makes him a valuable asset to the company.

Dominik Torresmalage-Mitchell Director o


Director of Media

Dominik Torresmalaga-Mitchell, as the Director of Media Relations for Evolve Energy and founder, plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's public image and communication strategy. In this role, Dominik is responsible for managing the company's interactions with the media, the public, and stakeholders.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Media Engagement: Dominik acts as the primary point of contact between Evolve Energy and various media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and online publications. He may facilitate interviews, press releases, and media inquiries.

  2. Public Relations Strategy: Dominik is responsible for developing and executing the company's public relations strategy. This includes identifying opportunities to promote Evolve Energy's mission, projects, and achievements in the media.

  3. Content Creation: He oversees the creation of written and visual content, such as press releases, articles, blog posts, and videos, to convey Evolve Energy's messages to the media and the public.

  4. Media Monitoring: Dominik monitors media coverage related to the renewable energy industry, as well as Evolve Energy specifically. This helps the company stay informed about industry trends and public sentiment.

  5. Stakeholder Communication: Effective media relations also involve communicating with stakeholders, including employees, investors, and partners, to ensure they are well-informed about the company's activities and developments.

  6. Brand Management: Dominik and plays a role in brand management, ensuring that the company's messaging aligns with its values and mission.

  7. Community Engagement: He is involved in community engagement efforts, helping the company build strong relationships with the communities it serves.

Lorena Mitchell Lead Designer_web_edited
Lorena Mitchell

Lead Energy Specialist Designer

Lorena is a renowned policy advocate with an impressive 15-year track record in the renewable energy industry. With a strong foundation in renewable design and installation, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field. Her credentials include certification from NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) and training in SIC (Solar Installation and Certification).

Lorena's specialization lies in both on-grid and off-grid integration, demonstrating her versatility in addressing diverse energy needs. Her proficiency extends to crafting innovative storage solutions, a critical aspect of harnessing renewable energy effectively.

Lorena's career is marked by a commitment to advancing renewable energy policies, making her a prominent figure in advocating for sustainable practices and policies in the industry. Her extensive experience, combined with her dedication to renewable energy, positions her as a key influencer and expert in the field.

Brent Williams Energy Specialist_web_edi

Brent Williams

Energy Specialist

Brent's specialization lies in several key areas:

  1. Grid-Tied Solar: Brent excels in designing and implementing grid-tied solar systems. These systems are seamlessly integrated with the existing electrical grid, allowing clients to harness solar energy while staying connected to the grid for backup power and net metering benefits.

  2. Battery Backup Solutions: Brent is well-versed in incorporating battery backup systems into solar installations. This ensures that clients have a reliable power source even during grid outages, enhancing their energy resilience and self-sufficiency.

  3. Off-Grid Solar: Brent's expertise extends to off-grid solar applications. These systems are designed to operate independently of the grid, making them ideal for remote locations or areas with unreliable grid access.

Brent's dedication to his role is evident in his goal: to simplify and make the solar journey as easy and affordable as possible for clients. He understands that transitioning to solar energy can be a significant decision, and his expertise helps clients navigate this process with confidence.

With Brent as an Energy Specialist at Evolve Energy, clients can trust that they are in capable hands, receiving tailored solutions that meet their unique energy needs and goals. His commitment to affordability and ease of adoption aligns perfectly with the company's mission to promote sustainable energy solutions.


Roy Jemison

Energy Specialist 

As an Energy Specialist with experience in solar design at Evolve Energy, Roy is a valuable asset to the company and its clients. With his background in solar design, he brings a high level of technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills to the role. 


Roy has a background in meteorology which has informed his lifelong interest in climate and climate change and fueled his involvement in helping grow Manitoba's alternative energy industry with Evolve Energy.

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